Tuesday, June 5, 2018

June 05, 2018 -

Week 20

Class this week started with the Murph Challenge for Memorial Day. The workout consisted of a mile run, one-hundred pull-ups, two-hundred push-ups, and three-hundred air squats, followed by another mile, all completed while wearing a rifle vest. I know a lot of us were a little nervous going into the workout, but it was fun pushing through the pain and testing our limits.

Tuesday our class got split up into two groups, where half of us had a firearms refresher, and the other half had Vehicle CQB(Close-Quarters Battle). Both classes were about shooting around cover and taught us some more advanced techniques than what we had previously learned.

Wednesday we were back in the classroom to learn about the FTO(Field Training Officer) Program. We were told about what was expected of us and the deadlines we’re expected to make over the next five months of training on the streets.

For the rest of the week we were split up into two groups again. Half of us had a Defensive Tactics refresher where we got some more reps handcuffing and went through some scenarios. The other half had a class on traffic direction and then drove around the city to work on street orientation.