Monday, June 4, 2018

June 04, 2018 -

Week 17

Week 17 in the 2018 Spring Academy was designated to motor vehicle accidents!

 On Monday we were shown various power point presentations that will help guide us throughout the work week.  On Tuesday were were shown more power points to help educate us in making decisions while working accidents that will occur on the streets.  We also took a trip to The Bridge, where we learned how to use the datamaster and administer that process correctly.  On Wednesday we learned how to estimate minimum speed and how to use math equations to help us identify those speeds.  We also learned about different types of skid marks and how to measure those skids marks to help obtain a minimum speed. We took a trip out to the airport where an instructor was able to lay down different types of skids for us to measure.

On Thursday we did various accident practical scenarios in the air park area. We learned how to handle various types of accidents, whether its a single car accident or a multiple car accident involving a pedestrian.  The volunteers were very helpful and gave us valuable feedback on how to handle these potential calls for service.  We also met up with several K9 handlers Thursday night and they showed us what they do to train their dogs to help with every day calls.  They showed us some practical scenarios of the dogs looking for and finding the items they are trained to find.  The K9 handlers also showed us how the dogs can help us locate individuals that have ran from the police or are hiding in an area.  We finished the week strong by completing the motor vehicle accident test!  This test was lengthy and took most of us around 1.5 hours to complete!  Now we all went home and enjoyed our weekend!