Monday, April 2, 2018

April 02, 2018 -

Week 10

This weeks focus was on Domestic Violence with classes over Burglary, Spanish, and Victim's Assistance. The first few days we went through our classroom learning, which gave us the facts and misconceptions of those involved in domestic violence incidents. During these days our instructors helped us understand the situation more so from the perception of the victim. The importance of the officer's actions will have on what are possibly the initial steps of a difficult road for those involved. After these days in the classroom we did our practicals for a day. During this day we paired up to do mock calls on possible domestic violence situations. The actors then briefed us on what we did well and what we could do differently. Overall the day was very beneficial and productive because domestic violence calls can be very dangerous for all involved and are a serious situation with long-term effects. For these reasons it is crucial for officer's to be trained on them. In the final day of the week we covered the programs in place that help the victim's of domestic violence. This class gave us the information we need as future officers to be able to put the victims in touch with the right program for their situation or to connect them to someone who can get them what they need. Altogether, week 10 was highly important because domestic violence can be so damaging to families and our youth.